10 -15 people

( $250-350 & 6 apps each )

$ 17 per person after 20 people for 6 apps each


  • Panko Crusted Deep Fried Pickles
  • Vegetarian Spring rolls with Asian dipping sauce
  • Mini falafel with tahini dipping sauce
  • Argentinean Empanadas with spinach and parsley “Mash” and chimichurri sauce
  • Lemongrass grilled Chicken Satays with Asian sauce
  • Tandoori or Teriyaki Salmon Satays with roasted apple chutney
  • South Beach Crab Cakes with lime mango salsa
  • Roasted potato bites with sun dried tomatoes
  • Crispy shrimp skewers
  • Beef Satays with sweet chili sauce
  • Baked potato rosti with pear jam
  • Vegetarian Samosas
  • Barbequed pulled pork sliders
  • Chicken or shrimp dim sum in porcelain spoons
  • Sweet potato crispy fries in takeout boxes
  • Gourmet grilled cheese finger sandwiches
  • beef burger siders
  • Pad Thai noodles in take out boxes
  • spanakopita (cheese spinach)
  • Barbequed chicken wings
  • Gluten free cheese bites with marinara dipping sauce
  • Crunchy Chicken bruschetta

Cold Selection

  • Mango and Sweet Pepper bruschetta
  • Phyllo tartlets with a chiffonade of Leek and Fennel served with crème fraiche
  • Smoked Salmon in cucumber cups with toasted sesame seeds and preserved lemon
  • Plantain chips with Chicken Salad and mango salsa
  • Crostini with fire roasted tomato boats and coriander pesto
  • Red and yellow Grape Tomato, Purple Basil Salad in phyllo tart
  • Mushroom bruschetta – Wild Mushroom ragu on herb crostini
  • Fish tacos with spicy salsa 
  • Tomato buffalo mozzarella and basil lollipop with balsamic glaze