Booking an event venue (whether it’s for a corporate event or a wedding) can be a large financial commitment! Before you sign that dotted line make sure you read our list of five things to consider before booking a venue! By asking the right questions and doing your research, you can ensure that there are no negative surprises after it’s too late to change venues!


The cost of a venue is often the number one consideration when planning an event, so this factor shouldn’t be overlooked! Triple check for hidden fees, such as cleaning costs and outside vendor fees. Some venues will even charge an additional fee to allow your decorator to come in and set up before the event. Take your time reviewing the fine details of your contract.


The second thing to consider is the location. Is your venue easy to get to? Is it a reasonable distance from your office, or from the homes of your guests? If it’s far away, are there affordable accommodation options nearby for overnight guests? And lastly, is public transportation available to the venue? A poor location may not be a deal breaker, but you need to be prepared with the right information for your guests!


Always double-check the capacity of your venue. Venues often advertise various capacities, depending on the style of event. For example, a cocktail reception will allows for significantly more people than a sit-down dinner. Based on the type of event you’re planning, be sure that the capacity is high enough for your guest list.


On the other end of the spectrum, make sure you meet the minimum number of people required by your venue. Majority of venues base their pricing on the number of guests attending the event, and most venues will have a minimum number of guests. If your event is for 50 people but your venue has a 250 person minimum, then you could be obligated to pay 5x as much as you initially thought!


Last, but certainly not least, be sure that you are very clear on your venue’s rules for services. Some venues restrict you to only using their chef and prohibit outside caterers and vendors. In our experience, this can end up costing you more money and you also sacrifice the freedom to select a custom menu. Before signing any contracts, be sure to confirm that outside caterers are permitted.


After you’ve booked your venue, it’s time to start looking at food! Check out our catering menu to see what we offer.