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Costs based on 50 people

HOT Buffet $35 per person

  • Individual Gratin Dauphins
  • Extra fine green beans with countryside mushroom blend
  • Chicken supreme with chardonnay truffle butter sauce
  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon with dill capers sauce
  • Vegetable and Goat Cheese Fondant ( vegetarian)


  • Chocolate Caramel Sable with fresh fruit & caramel sauce


All appetizers are $3 each

Skewers/Sliders-30 pieces minimum order

  • Mini pretz’burger beef sliders with chipotle aioli and sweet pickle
  • Mini chicken sliders with herb havarti and cilantro sour cream sauce
  • Lemon herb grilled Chicken Satays with chipotle aioli sauce
  • Tandoori or Teriyaki Salmon Satays with roasted apple chutney
  • Beef Satay with sweet chili sauce
  • lamb satay skewers
  • shrimp satay skewers
  • bacon & scallop skewers

Canapes-60 pieces minimum order

  • Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Crab meat salad on cherry tomato & mango
  • Lobster salad on cherry tomato
  • Peking duck crepe
  • Foie Gras crostini
  • Pastrami salmon with apple fennel
  • Salami rosette with cream cheese
  • Shrimp salsa on cucumber
  • Smoked salmon rosette, cavier
  • Tuna tartar in a waffle cone

Other-30 pieces minimum order

  • Mac & Cheese Bites in a waffle  cups
  • Chorizo bites
  • Panko deep fried pickles
  • Moroccan beef meatballs with pomegranate
  • Phyllo cheese finger bites with garlic dill sauce
  • South Beach Crab Cakes with lime mango salsa
  • Sweet potato crispy fries in takeout boxes
  • pesto smoked turkey sausage flatbread
  • panchetta and soft mozzarella cheese flatbread
  • Crunchy Chicken brushetta
  • Mini salmon bagel lox with capers & fresh dill
  • Spicy Chicken Salad in a cup
  • Fish tacos with spicy salsa
  • Buffalo Chicken lollipops
  • Jerk Chicken lollipops
  • Barbecued  pork  in steamed bao bun
  • Chicken popcorn with thai chilli sauce
  • Mash potatoes & braised beef cups
  • Fresh Oysters with condiments and garnish

Vegetarian-30 pieces minimum order

  • Spanakopita
  • Artichoke & Cherry Tomato canape
  • Wild Mushroom in a Curry Cone
  • Spinach dip with crostini
  • Samosas
  • Antipasto skewers (vegan and gluten free available)
  • Vegetarian wonton
  • watermelon and feta skewers with cucumber roll up
  • Pot Stickers-chicken or vegetarian
  • Vegetarian thai salad bundle in rice paper-(gluten free)
  • Spicy Mushroom quesadilla
  • Empanadas
  • Mini quiche – brie & leek, mushroom, ricotta with pepper & leek, cheese & vegetables
  • Mediterranean tartlet
  • Cream cheese on cherry tomato-(gluten free)
  • Herb goat cheese baguette fresh thyme
  • Gourmet grilled cheese finger sandwiches
  • Vegetable noodle stirfry cups
  • Wild mushroom bruschetta-(vegan)
  • Tomato buffalo mozzarella and basil lollipop with balsamic glaze
  • Assorted vegetables with ranch in a cocktail cups-(gluten free available)
  • Nacho dip with naan bread
  • Goat cheese & fig crostini with poached pear( gluten free available)
  • mini  pretzel, pistachio and cranberry goat cheese lollipops

Sushi/Sashimi/Maki-60 pieces minimum order

  • Assorted Sushi
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • California Roll
  • California Roll/vegetarian
  • Smoked Salmon Temaki
  • Vegan Futomaki