Appetizers are an important part of the meals these days no matter it is Lunch, Dinner, or Brunch and It is the mark of a successful Catering Company to introduce the variety of options and selections in every aspect of the food. We excel in this versatility and try our utter best to present the uniqueness on the table when it comes to an innovative food. Our Appetizers are one of the kinds with multiple options like Vegan, Meats, Seafood, and some classic ones like Mac & Cheese. Sizzling and smoking salmon is a mouth-watering delight. GTA Caterer is the best choice, when are credentials, are Uniquity and Innovation in Foods.

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  • All appetizers are between  $3 – $4 each


Skewers/Sliders-30 pieces minimum order per item

  • Mini pretz’burger beef sliders with chipotle aioli and sweet pickle
  • Mini chicken sliders with herb Havarti and cilantro sour cream sauce
  • Lemon herb grilled Chicken Satays with chipotle aioli sauce
  • Tandoori or Teriyaki Salmon Satays with roasted apple chutney
  • Beef Satay with sweet chili sauce
  • lamb satay skewers
  • shrimp satay skewers
  • bacon & scallop skewers


Canapes-60 pieces minimum order per item

  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Crab meat salad on cherry tomato & mango
  • Lobster salad on cherry tomato
  • Peking duck crepe
  • Foie Gras crostini
  • Pastrami salmon with apple fennel
  • Salami rosette with cream cheese
  • Shrimp salsa on cucumber
  • Smoked salmon rosette, caviar
  • Tuna tartar in a waffle cone



Other-30 pieces minimum order per item


  • Mac & Cheese Bites in a waffle  cups
  • Mini Chicken Waffle sandwiches
  • Chorizo Bites
  • Panko deep-fried pickles
  • Moroccan beef meatballs with pomegranate
  • Phyllo cheese finger bites with garlic dill sauce
  • South Beach Crab Cakes with lime mango salsa
  • Sweet potato crispy fries in takeout boxes
  • pesto smoked turkey sausage flatbread
  • panchetta and soft mozzarella cheese flatbread
  • Crunchy Chicken bruschetta
  • Mini salmon bagel lox with capers & fresh dill
  • Spicy Chicken Salad in a cup
  • Fish tacos with spicy salsa
  • Buffalo Chicken Lollipops
  • Jerk Chicken lollipops
  • Barbecued  pork  in a steamed bao bun
  • Chicken popcorn with Thai chili sauce
  • Mash potatoes & braised beef cups
  • Fresh Oysters with condiments and garnish


Vegetarian-30 pieces minimum order per item


  • Mini Pancakes with fruit and maple syrup
  • Spanakopita
  • Artichoke & Cherry Tomato canape
  • Wild Mushroom in a Curry Cone
  • Spinach dip with crostini
  • Samosas
  • Antipasto Skewers (vegan and gluten-free available)
  • Vegetarian wonton
  • watermelon and feta skewers with cucumber roll up
  • Pot Stickers-chicken or vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Thai salad bundle in rice paper-(gluten-free)
  • Spicy Mushroom quesadilla
  • Empanadas
  • Mini quiche – brie & leek, mushroom, ricotta with pepper & leek, cheese & vegetables
  • Mediterranean tartlet
  • Cream cheese on cherry tomato-(gluten-free)
  • Herb goat cheese baguette fresh thyme
  • Gourmet grilled cheese finger sandwiches
  • Vegetable noodle stirfry cups
  • Wild mushroom bruschetta-(vegan)
  • Tomato buffalo mozzarella and basil lollipop with balsamic glaze
  • Assorted vegetables with a ranch in a cocktail cups-(gluten-free available)
  • Nacho dip with naan bread
  • Goat cheese & fig crostini with poached pear( gluten-free available)
  • mini  pretzel, pistachio and cranberry goat cheese lollipops


Sushi/Sashimi/Maki-60 pieces minimum order per item

  • Assorted Sushi
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • California Roll
  • California Roll/vegetarian
  • Smoked Salmon Temaki
  • Vegan Futomaki