Looking to hire a caterer for your private at-home party? This is a great way to cut back on stress and eliminate the cooking duties! Here are our five tips for hiring a caterer for private parties:


Look For Variety

Unless you’re throwing a theme party, the best parties have a variety of food that pleases everyone! This is why it’s very important to hire a caterer that can prepare a wide variety of food. At GTA Caterer, our head chef Ivan can prepare everything from BBQ steaks to sushi and even Italian food.

Choose A Caterer Who Also Handles Rentals

In order to take some of the party-planning pressure off yourself, choose a caterer who will rent all of the necessary equipment himself. The last thing you want to do after hiring a caterer is go out and rent a BBQ yourself! At GTA Caterer we take care of all of the rentals for you.

Looking For Serving Staff, Too

Does your party need a bartender or servers to pass around appetizers? The best caterers will be able to supply you with reputable serving staff and bartenders at your request. We always have experienced and professional staff available for the events we cater at GTA Caterer, should they be needed!

Experience Is Important

Not every caterer is experienced with private at-home parties, which means they may overlook things such as kitchen space, oven size and supplies (which are drastically different at rented event venues). Be sure to choose a caterer who is experienced with private parties! At GTA Caterer we have catered dozens of private at-home events.

Ask For Recommendations

Not sure what kind of food to serve at your private party? Since GTA Caterer is so experienced at private at-home events, we can provide you with lots of recommendations for menu selection, set-up and logistics. Just get in touch with us to start discussing your event.

To learn more about our catering services, check out our about page! You can also see our menu options on our catering menu page.