Our meal plan delivery services are growing in popularity! So we’d like to share some of the benefits of using this service. Here are four reasons to use meal plan delivery services each week:


Save Time

Cooking three meals a day, every day, is very time consuming! As we all know, when you don’t have time to cook this often results in unhealthy fast food, delivery or expensive dinners out. When you use meal plan delivery services you can eliminate all the time it takes you to cook, while staying on budget and eating a healthy diet. No longer can use lack of time as an excuse for eating poorly!

More Variety

For those of you who aren’t talented chefs, your weekly meals can start to get repetitive if you only know how to make a few different dishes. When you use meal plan delivery services, you can get a wider variety of dishes each week! This is also the perfect opportunity to try new cuisines or dishes that you don’t know how to make yourself.

Chef Quality Food

At GTA Caterer, all of our meal plan deliveries are prepared by Professional Chef Ivan Bodnar. This means that each of the meals that you eat are professional prepared by a top chef! It’s almost like having your own private chef at your house. If cooking is not one of your natural talents, then you will really enjoy having all of your meals prepared by a professional chef.


One of the biggest benefits of using meal plan delivery services is the fact that it can help you stick to a healthier diet. One of the reasons for this, is because each of your meals is pre-portioned to the correct size. When you are making your own meals you are very likely to over-serve yourself – but all of this is eliminated when your meals are pre-portioned.

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