These days, more and more brides are choosing to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding desserts! It’s no surprise, considering the incredibly high cost of wedding cakes and the fact that most wedding guests don’t even eat it! A growing trend right now in the wedding industry is couples choosing alternative wedding desserts, and skipping the cake all together.

Here are our five suggestions for alternative wedding desserts:

A Tower of Brownies

Instead of a tall wedding cake, imagine a tiered stand overflowing with mouthwatering Rockyroad Brownies! This is a crowd favorite and is sure to result in happy guests.

A Tower of Canoli

Likewise, a tiered stand filled with canoli is another growing trend. What we love most about this idea is that canoli are the perfect portion size for guests that to end their meal with something sweet but don’t want a large dessert.


Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love cheesecake? Us either! To make a cheesecake feel fancy enough for the occasion, you could do multiple cheesecakes in different flavours to create a traditional-looking tiered cake.


Another popular trend in wedding desserts right now is tiramisu! Guests love this coffee-filled dessert as a way to cap off their meal, and it’s much more enjoyable than a heavy wedding cake.

Black Forest Slice

For a plated dessert, you can’t go wrong with a slice of black forest cake. Unlike traditional wedding cake, black forest cake tends to be lighter. Since this cake does not include any fondant, you’re just left with a delicious chocolate cake and cherry filling – without any sugary icing!


Looking for more alternative wedding desserts? Check out our catering menu or contact us to discuss ideas!