Planning an event is hard enough, but when you’re planning an event that includes children it can be even harder! Kids are notoriously picky eaters, so it’s crucial that you include kid-friendly event menus to please your youngest guests. Your adult guests will be very impressed that you thought to do this, which can go a logn way if you need to impress your guests! Here are our top suggestions for kid-friendly event menus:

Kid-Friendly Appetizers

One of the most popular appetizers we serve is our Tomato soup with Basil Mousse and Grilled Cheese. This gourmet version is perfect for any event, and reminds children of their favorite lunch meal! This is a perfect appetizer for an event that includes children.

Two other appetizers we suggest are our deep-fried chicken bites, and our mini burgers. These bite-sized appetizers are perfect for little tummies, and the recognizable food is appealing to young guests.

Kid-Friendly Mains

In our experience, kids love pasta! Which is why we always suggest our Fettuccini Pasta with Mixed Vegetables and Alfredo Sauce. This meat-free dish is perfect for picky eaters, and the creamy alfredo sauce does an excellent job of concealing vegetables.

Another popular main dish for children is our Lemon Infused Chicken Supreme. Chicken is generally a safe option for children, and this unique chicken dish is filled with familiar flavors that kids love!

Kid-Friendly Desserts

Our Rockyroad Brownies are delicious treats that please all ages! When it comes to selecting desserts for children, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Our Rockyroad Brownies are a crowd pleaser that kids always love.


Ready to start planning your own kid-friendly event? Be sure to check out our catering menu for more ideas! Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, we have plenty of experience creating kid-friendly event menus and we would be happy to offer up ideas.